Welcome to MGN!

I’m Sunnie…


I can be found in the kitchen, usually wearing flour (didn’t you hear?! It’s the latest trend! ;) )

This is my coeditor and blog dog Zazu- He mostly helps me taste test.


 I love cooking, photography, horses, and running!

I started Modern Girl Nutrition in 2012 to get back to healthy as I struggled to find balance.

I don’t like counting calories…or fat…or sugar.. Or counting anything for that matter! (I never was super good at Math anyways ;) )

I like real food:


I know that adopting a healthier lifestyle through nutrition will make you feel amazing and give your body the ability to rise to it’s full potential. Here’s to health!

I love to hear from you! Email me at moderngirlnutrition@gmail.com, or leave a comment!




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