Strawberry Banana Superfood Smoothie & San Diego!

Strawberry and banana should get married. Just sayin’ ;)


 This past weekend we went to California and it was amazing as always. I am too in love with the beach, the sunsets, and the weather. Especially with temps at home around 112 degrees!


 The water was really clear and the waves were huge- and there was no sharks so that’s always a plus haha ;)


 On Saturday we visited family and then pretty much beach bummed from sun up to sun down. This sunset was worth the wait …


 I fell in love with this place called Choice Superfood Bar and Juicery. It took about ten minutes to walk there from where we were staying and OHMYGOSH best smoothies in the world. 

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 1.15.32 PM

 My friend Leah got the Strawberry Zen and it was bananas, strawberry, sprouted almond milk, coconut butter, date, and Choice protein. At $8.75 per smoothie, I vowed to re create it at home..

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 1.03.30 PM

 And ta-dah! This happened. It tastes like ice cream and is super healthy. Bam.


Frozen bananas give it the consistency of a milkshake.. 


And dates make it taste like caramel..


and strawberries to make it an Instagram worthy color ;)

IMG_4757Recipe C

Strawberry Banana Superfood Smoothie
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  1. 1 and a half frozen bananas
  2. 1 handful organic strawberries
  3. 1 cup almondmilk (I made my own by blending almonds and water and straining)
  4. 1 T. maca powder
  5. 1 large date
  6. 1 T. coconut butter (optional)


Have a great day guys!

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  1. SO yummy!!! And so jealous you went to California. Hey! We finalized our date for Utah: August 4-7!!!

  2. Mmmm omg this sounds delicious!

  3. This looks delicious! I’m scared to put dates in my magic bullet though – I feel like they will break it! D:

  4. Yum :)

  5. rockmyvegansocks says:

    Mmmm lovin’ the sound of that milkshake! It has been so hot – I’ve been drinking a lot of them.
    Glad you enjoyed California! I love it here =) It’s so beautiful, I’m so lucky to live here.

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