Fashion on the Fourth

Sometimes I wear other things besides yoga pants and barn clothes …

It’s a rare occasion though, so I felt it was worth documenting ;)


{Shirt: Plato’s Closet- $6.00} {Shorts- hand me downs from a friend! American Eagle I think?} {Shoes: Barefoot, free} ;)

I love this owl necklace from Aeropostale! Not sure why it only has one ear but whatever haha. 


 It was the perfect outfit for Fourth of July night- hanging out with this pup, BBQing (vegetables ;) ), and swimming. Zazu’s such a weirdo- he actually sat outside with us and watched the fireworks and liked them! He’s a strange one.


But I love him ;)




 And of course, plenty of bloopers. So incredibly awkward lol.


Haha have a great day guys!




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  1. Seriously, I love this outfit! That shirt is beautiful!

  2. So cute, girly!! Love it! Sounds like a great fourth :)

  3. You have the best photos – I’m so jealous! And your outfit is so cute, omigosh :) Zazu is the best dog ever :)

  4. Oh my gosh Sunnie you look beautiful! I am obsessed with owls and owl jewellery so you can bet I am going to go out and copy you. ;)

  5. LOVE that shirt!! It is SO perfect :)

  6. Love the blue jean shorts! Cute!

  7. Love the outfit. I’m not as tiny as you (especially while prego – ha) but I love the look! You’re adorable!

  8. You are beautiful Sunnie. I love the outfit. And Zazu looks handsome ;)

    I totally love thrift shopping!! :) I went with my sister yesterday.

  9. rockmyvegansocks says:

    Love the threads! I have a Plato’s Closet near me – I should check them out.
    Sounds like you had a fun holiday. Your pup is seriously adorable =)

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