tuesday talk: weekend

Hi! Hope you guys had an awesome weekend :)

I know…such an original introduction. Can I admit something? The intros are actually the hardest part of writing the whole blog post for me, so I turned to my good friend Google for some advice on ways to say hi. This is what it gave back to me:



“What’s crack-a-lackin? ” “Hows it be?”

Yeah…I think I’ll just stick to “Hi” for now ;)

Anyways, this weekend was perfecttt! Lots of sunshine, lots of barn-time, awesome friends, and great runs.

I also got to hang out with my dad, who is one of the most awesome people on the planet. This is his actual nameplate at work:



It’s pretty accurate haha :)

 After, I had to get a new laptop cord since my last one went to cord heaven (you can read about that adventure here). The cord place was right by Whole Foods and yeah…I bought more RASPBERRIES <3


I’m addicted to them! I would’ve posted a recipe today but all I eat anymore is carbs with berries. I’m not even kidding..


Okay, there has been other things too… Like carbs with dried berries ;) :


Only downfall? It’s a little bit of an expensive obsession (can someone teach me how to grow these things?!) But I guess I shouldn’t feel too bad… the person in the checkout line in front of me spent $800! I’m not even exaggerating I think she bought like ten pounds of almond butter haha!


Sunday night was gorgeous..


We watched The Butler and wow.. definitely a  powerful movie.


Weekends are the best. Zazu agrees.


Have a great day!! :)

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  1. Great post

  2. Bethany says:

    $800 dollars! My reaction would have been the same! hahah- I woulda just loved to be on the receiving end of that Whole Foods cart!
    Love your post and your pictures <3 your always make me hunnngrry ;) #runnersprobs right?
    Bethany <33

  3. Loving the new blog look!
    Those raspberries look perfect! I can’t wait until I can get my hands on some good summer raspberries (really any berry at that!)

  4. I agree – intros are the hardest!! Sometimes I just skip them totally and go right to the good stuff hehe :) carbs + berries: I love it!! I could live off those! That movie looks really interesting too!

  5. Carbs with berries?? Yes! And I like yo girl lol!

  6. All of your meals look absolutely delicious! I love fruit, especially during the spring time :) . I am probably the worst person at keeping up with the latest movies, but The Butler is on my list! I have heard such great things about it. Your do is so cute too! Now that the weather is getting warmer, life is just better outside walking the dog and playing in the sun.

  7. Love your dad’s name plate haha. also you are SO making me regret not buying raspberries earlier today

    • moderngirlnutrition says:

      Awe haha! :( I would totally send some to you but I don’t think the post office would appreciate that lol!

  8. $800!!!!!! OMG I will NEVER feel guilty about my grocery shopping purchases AGAIN! ha ha ha ah aha ha aha ha! And You’re Dad is by far the coolest DAD EVER!!! Sayy whatt!

  9. Intros are totally the hardest part, I agree. And those raspberries look AWESOME I want them. And I’m a carbs and berries girl too… huge obsession. And omg $800?!?!? I can see how it can happen… I wipe out about $150 at Whole Foods frequently. #whoops

    • moderngirlnutrition says:

      Omgomg my inspiration just commented!! *no big deal* AHHH thank youuu haha! :) And yup I think I could buy that whole store!

  10. kimthevegan www.rockmyvegansocks.vaskor.ca says:

    Carbs and fruit are your friends. No problems there. And try not to feel too guilty about your expensive habit as it is super healthy =)
    “I also got to hang out with my dad, who is one of the most awesome people on the planet.”
    Love it! Your dad sounds awesome.
    The Butler was such a great movie!

  11. Carbs and berries are MAH life. For real. Case in point–just had a huge bowl of oatmeal with a mountain of berries and almond butter. Perfection!

  12. If I didn’t use self control I could easily spend $800 at Trader Joes :p Also, I like crack-a-lackin for the intro!

  13. Oh my gosh I feel like your dad is an amazing person. Also, carbs and berries. That’s my motto! The intro is always tough, but yours always get my hooked, so maybe you’re not as bad as you think. Also, I’m loving your website! So cute. xx

  14. $800 wwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaattttt!!! The only plce I’ve seen those huge shops are Cotsco or Sams (maybe electronics stores) but food! The person was preparing for the end of the world, or maybe, as you said, she/he bought all kinds of nut butter :D

  15. I went to the store to buy Justin’s Almond Butter the other day and it is $13 a jar???? Um, that is what is on my birthday list and what I want in my Easter basket! $800 seems a bit excessive … wowza.

    • moderngirlnutrition says:

      Almond butter is pure gold! I splurge sometimes on Justins haha, but have never done $800 worth of damage! ;)

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