Best in February

Can you believe it’s March already? It seems like the New Years fireworks were just last week and Valentines Day roses were yesterday, but somehow I’m already writing March on all my papers!

Thank goodness for Shamrock shakes and leprechauns. How else would we know what month we were in? ;)

My point is: it seems like a good time for a February recap. Let’s see..


Everything blooming- always worth it no matter how many allergies!


PROM!!!!! Okay technically it was March 1st, but close enough. I went with a group of friends and it was such a blast! Huge thanks to my school for putting on such a great event. Will get a picture up soon.

Coming into my room finding this rascal trying to look innocent


My friend and I sneaking into our friend’s house to leave notes everywhere :) She loved it


This 3 miler  in 70 degree weather with the doglet.


Watching the amazing athletes of the Olympics


and riding!!!


I would gladly accept payment for most all work in the form of avocado sushi  ;)


Ezekiel english muffin pizzas courtesy of mi abuela


Cacao and berry smoothie bowls. Enough said.



This hilarious scene from We’re The Millers. Still haven’t seen the whole movie though!


Finding out that apparently cheese eats grass…Haha!


Dwight’s idea of Valentines Day:

do i have a date for valentines


and these faces!  Ben loves selfies while Buddy always gives the grumpiest faces ;)


I decided to only put the highlights in here, because ain’t nobody got room for not-so-good memories anyways, right? Overall, February was a great month and hopefully March will be even better :)

Happy Monday!!!

Q: How was your February?

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  1. Awww your dog is SO CUTE!! haha :) February was a whirlwind for us with wedding planning!

  2. I love the horses! I so miss having my own these last three years I have been in grad school. I always love the pictures of yours you post on here and Instagram :)

  3. This is such a great idea :)

    I can’t wait to see your prom pictures! I love creeping on other people’s prom pics :)

    That smoothie sounds amazing. And I laughed so hard during We’re The Millers!! It’s a very funny movie. Jennifer Aniston is my fav.

  4. Looks like you had a fabulous February! My February was pretty ordinary as I was sick and waiting around my iron infusion, but I’m hoping march is much better!

  5. Your doooogggg!! How cute! If you finish We’re the Millers, My favorite phrase was: you know what I’m saying ;) jajaja

  6. haha I have never seen We’re the Millers! I might have to change that. I love Dwight! I miss the Office being new.

  7. That sushi looks delicious!

  8. Um you went to PROM and I didn’t hear anything about it?!?!?!??!! Pictures please!! I’m so jealous of your temps. We MIGHT get up to 30 on Friday… I’ll be in shorts! That smoothie and sushi and english muffin pizza look delish. aaand I laughed so hard at the date for Valentine’s Day thing! grass fed cheese is pretty funny too :) love ya girly!

  9. You are seriously so adorable! And I am SO JEALOUS of your weather! Looks like a fun month :)

  10. omg that tree is GORGEOUS! and yay prom. glad you had fun! I’m jealous you have a horsie. I always wanted one named jetpack. haha

  11. Ooh I want to see prom pictures!!! =)
    You are too cute sneaking into your friends house like that.
    Avocado sushi, ezekial pizza & smoothies= awesome eats.
    Your horse Ben is adorable and looks like he’s smiling in the picture!
    And you need to watch We’re the Millers – it was hilarious!
    Hope your March is as awesome as your February.

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