Speaking of Which

Hey guys!

Hope you are doing well!

This morning involves one of these bowls of awesomeness. In the mix: 1 frozen banana, blueberries, 1 cup almondmilk, flaxseed, cacao,  and raw granola :) I’m in love haha.


Also, some protein powder because you gotta feed the muscles.

Speaking of muscles…it’s random story time ;)  A while ago, I was waiting to use one of the arm machines at the gym. The lady who was using it was taking forevvvverrr. I thought she was just resting, but when I walked by she was snoring- she actually fell asleep! I got kind worried and wondered if she was alright, but she woke up after a minute.  It  made me laugh ;)


And speaking of laughing, this guy always keeps me entertained! He’s so furry right now

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Also entertaining- the Sochi Olympics! I Olympics are so amazing! I will probably spend way too much time watching it this year


But hey it’s all about that balance right? Like balancing homemade pazookies (Thanks Rachel!)


 … with raw  salads ;) Veggies are the bomb.


And while we’re talking about vegetables, ya’ll should go make Leigha’s Black Bean and Sweet Potato Burgers because the look amazing!! She’s an awesome photographer too!


On the topic of photos, the skies here have been so breathtaking! As have the sunsets! I love that I can take pictures on my phone again.


My photo gallery has grown to about a thousand pictures already, and most of them are just random “I don’t even remember taking this” pictures haha…

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

This post was all over the place. I blame the week!

Anyways, have an awesome Friday! :)


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  1. What about the organic eggs from our coop Sunnie? Oh, you must have an obsession with feet….. cute.

  2. Awww thanks love!! I feel flattered :D Lovely post! That story about the gym is too funny… how do you fall asleep at the gym?!? Haha! These are all beautiful pics! Hope you’re doing fabulous :D <3

  3. That pizzokie looks so delicious. I’ve never had one! I think I need to change that… Also, where do you live!? Can I come move in with you? ;)

  4. I can’t believe someone fell asleep on the machine! And that pazookie … omigosh :) <3

  5. Oh my goodness I can’t believe she fell asleep… I’m cracking up!!

    Your salad looks delicious <3 I'm almost out of veggies and it's snowing way too much to go outside- so I guess I'm stuck with carrot sticks!

  6. BAHHHHHH HA HA AH AH AHA HA AH AH AHA HA AH AH AHA HA!!!! How ON EARTH do you just FALL ASLEEP at the weight machine?!?!?! Is she narcoleptic? That’s so odd but also hysterical, as long as she is okay.

    And wow do I miss horses and horse back riding. I used to own 2 and compete – now… Nope! :( Your horse is stunning!

  7. Love your idea about balance!! BTW breakfast looks amazing!! YUM! Thanks for sharing!! Hope that you have a great weekend!

  8. Smoothie bowls are the BEST! I always put mine in the freezer so that I can eat them with a spoon. :)

    Also, your photography is stunning, as always. :)

  9. Haha love this post. That picture of the sky is absolutely gorgeous Sunnie!
    Mmmm love the pazookie – it looks so good! The salad looks crazy tasty too.
    Your horse is adorable of course =) And I am heading over to check out the black bean sweet potato burger ’cause YUM!

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