Personal Creations Healthy Roundup: Lightened Up Tuna Sandwich


It’s 11 pm. I’ve just watched an episode of Modern Family and way too many “Life According to Jimmy” youtube videos while simultaneously finishing a homework project and studying SAT words. Zazu is now passed out on my books, I’ve got dark chocolate in hand, and I’m blogging.

I like to think I’m a multi-tasker. It sounds much more efficient than a procrastinator ;)


The afore-mentioned blogging has to do with this magical spin on the classic tuna sandwich, which I healthified by swapping yogurt in for mayonnaise and adding a bunch of veggies.


And speaking of healthy recipes, Personal Creations asked me about participating in their {amazing} recipe ┬ároundup, which features some awesome healthy recipes for 2014…


Um, yes please!

And without further adieu…

Lightened Up Tuna Sandwich


  • 2 slices healthy bread
  • 1 can of good tuna
  • 2 T. plain greek yogurt
  • pickles or cucumbers
  • tomatoes
  • salt and pepper, dill is really good too



Mix tuna with greek yogurt, salt and pepper, and desired spices.


Build sandwich. You guys know how to do this already ;)


and that’s pretty much it! Simple is best sometimes!


I don’t think I’ve had a tuna sandwich since I was like 7. What have I been doing with my life. This was so bomb.


Don’t forget to check out the roundup!



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  1. oh gosh, that sandwich looks delicious – sort of reminds me of the tuna sandwich from whole foods… i’m going to have to try this. and life according to jimmy? never heard of it but googling now :)

  2. This looks SO yummy! That bread is awesome. I can’t find any bread like that around here :( Also – is that a butt sandwich? Those are my favorite haha!

  3. I adore tuna salad with yogurt :)

  4. Holy Moly! This looks really gooood!!! I am not a fan of tuna, but you make it looks so delish :)

  5. I love tuna sandwiches!! (: And it’s totally not procrastinating if you’re doing things you have to do- and relaxing is something you have to do sometimes, right? ;)

  6. I wish I liked tuna – I’m just not a fan. I know it is a great way to get protein at lunch but I just can’t eat it! :(

  7. We have the same bread. :) Make sure to do well on your SATs!

  8. I have not had a tuna sandwich in a looong time. I cant seem to find Tuna here in Delhi or find bread that looks like that!! Looks lovely. Have a great weekend and nice to find your blog :-)

  9. I like the idea of lightened up version – I think I’ll try to “veganise” it ;p
    Good luck with your SAT prep! And chocolate at 11pm? Geez… I can’t eat it after 3pm or I won’t sleep.

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