Hey there!

Join me for breakfast? ;)


{sorry for the old pic}

I’m going to attack you with positivity in this post haha. Get ready for it.

But first- let me explain: Lately, there’s been some things going on, and I’ve been feeling kind of low. To be honest, I’ve forgotten that keeping positive thoughts in and negative ones out is sooo important.

But they say the best way to learn something is to teach it, right? So that’s what I’m going to do ;)


 Sooo…with that said:

1.) Be Yourself.  Seriously though. It sounds pretty darn simple. But it can be a lot harder than it appears. You’re unique and nobody should shape you into something you’re not.

It’s good to be the one that spices things up ;)


2.) Be Confident

Just gonna say it: Confidence is sexy.


I love this picture haha: Confidence

3.) Get some sun

HeartsunModernGirlNutritionDONOTSTEAL 4.) Stop Comparing

How many of you have compared yourself to Candice Swanepoel while watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show?

Or how about that coworker that always has everything together?

That classmate that can balance a million things easily?

Yeah. Comparing is easy.

You have to learn to see all the good qualities about yourself- maybe you’re smart, kind, have a good sense of humor.


5.) Exercise.

Running, walking, and any other types of exercise are amazinggg for mood boosters.


6.) Laugh

I will rent out my dog if you want. He can make anyone laugh ;)


7.) Eat well. 

Especially things like homemade protein cookie dough ;)


8.) Surround yourselves with positive people!

This is maybe the most important one! I’m so blessed to have such awesome friends!


And with authenticity, confidence, and self-love, pretty soon you’ll be like:




Have a great Wednesday loves!

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  1. Totally needed post! (As you know I am feeling low myself!) It’s easy to think negative. But we must be strong and have positive thoughts :) Be gone negs!

  2. Thank you for this – I really needed the reminder. I’ve been low as well – maybe it’s just the season?

  3. Aw I love this Sunnie!! I am definitely guilty of comparing. But the less I compare, the more I let go, the happier I am!! (: Running also helps a lot- in addition to the supportive people I spend my time with when I run, my team. (: Have a happy wednesday!

  4. I love this!! If you ever need someone, I will ALWAYS be here to talk! These are all great tips. I’m definitely coming back to this post if I’m ever feeling down! Also, that video of the guy doing the backflip… I saw a video of that, then another guy attempting it and totally failing. lol! :) have a wonderful day girlie <3

  5. I hope everything is OK!

  6. I’ll join you for breakfast any day, girly – because that breakfast looks amazing!

    Something I always do when I’m feeling low is take time for me. Make some time in your day to do something YOU want to do – not what you need to do or what you should do or what someone wants you to do. For me, it’s usually reading a book but yesterday it was actually colouring in haha. I found some random colouring in sheets from christmas and coloured away. It was nice to just do nothing.

  7. Gah! I’m slow to this post … but this is on point with my thoughts after yesterday. Trying on bridesmaid dresses I didn’t feel like myself because of my flabby arms on display. Therefore I wasn’t confident. I felt I needed a tan and I kept comparing myself to my friend who was with me. I’ve been exercising, laughing, and eating well. I just need to have more positive people around me so that I can achieve all of that! Thanks for the post!

  8. Wow – this is just a perfect post for me today. I had a crappy day and was feeling sulky, but spent a good chunk reminding myself how lucky I am with all of the wonderful things in my life and this post just reaffirmed all that positive awesomeness =) I hope you are having a better week my dear. LOVE the pictures by the way!

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