Green Fork-N-Spoon Review and Giveaway


Hope you all had a fantastic weekend :) I definitely did, especially since it involved the ponies, the farmer’s market, and family (Recap tomorrow). It also involved this awesome new product:


Green Fork N Spoon sent me over one of their boxes to review, and also offered to do a giveaway for you guys! I think this whole surprise-box-of-healthy-snacks concept is awesome-  it feels like Christmas all over again ;) The company is a family owned business that fills a box full of non-GMO, healthy snacks and sends it straight to your door. Can’t get much more convenient than that!

I was really excited when I saw the product list! They pack a ton of snacks in there for you.


When I opened it up, I found these big bags of Bean & Rice Chips, Lucy’s Cookies, and Organic Pumpkin Seeds. Heaven.


Then there was this layer of granola, chocolate, a cookie, honey stix, and tea.


As if that weren’t enough, Somersaults, hempseeds, granola bars, and organic dried cranberries also made it to the box! It was pretty much like that Mary Poppins bag where she just keeps pulling things out ;)


The first thing to go besides the chocolate? More chocolate of course!  This Chocolate Brownie Pure Bar made a great snack.


The next day I took the pumpkin seeds to driving school with me, where I had to be taught a lesson of how to “chew pumpkin seeds like a baseball player.” ;) I loved these slightly salty seeds.


And these Roasted Caribbean hempseeds gave a salad amazing crunch.

hempseed I’m a granola hoarder, so this Chappaqua Crunch was a great addition to my stash.


Enjoyed while watching Zazu run around endlessly ;)


And cookies and milk? Always a fabulous dessert.


The snacks were all portable- perfect for lunches. I love that you got to try a little bit of everything.


The price per month is $29.00, and you can send the boxes as gifts as well.

The one recommendation I have for the company is to include more savory snacks- as much as I love the sweet stuff it’s good to have a balance of savory in the mix.

If you’re looking into buying a box, here’s a coupon code (MAYGREEN76)  to use when they subscribe. This coupon code will give your you $4 off a subscription or one time gift purchase for the monthly box. Good until May 5th

And now You have the chance to win an entire box of goodies!

As always, here’s how to enter:

1.) Leave a comment telling me which snack in the box looked the best to you

For extra entries:

2.) Follow Modern Girl Nutrition

3.) Mention this giveaway in your next blog post

4.) Like GF-N-S on Facebook

Thanks again to Green Fork- N- Spoon!  Hope you all have a lovely start to your week :)


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  1. Mmmmm that box has so many goodies. Think I’d be most excited for the cookies or the granola though :)

  2. oh wow, who can pick? I guess Id go with the apricot cranberry granola bar.
    Though I love my chocolate, I feel better eating fruit based snacks.
    Thanks for opportunity Sunnie. Love the Blog.

  3. Everything looks so good!!

  4. The chocolate brownie pure bar sounds the best to me — I’d spread it with peanut butter. ;)

  5. I follow you! :)

  6. the chocolate brownie pure bar looked amazing!!!! I also follow modern girl nutrition (love your blog!) and liked GF-N-S on facebook. Thanks Sunnie!

  7. I think that Pure bar would be the first thing I’d reach for! This is quite a box- I’ve seen so many other box subscriptions that are really stingy with what they include. Looks like you’d get your money’s worth!

  8. I’ve never tried hemp seeds, but they always sound amazing. One of those things I won’t buy for myself because I already have a huge stash of seeds in my pantry. I’m like a squirrel or something ;-)

  9. Chocolate Brownie Pure Bar please!!

  10. I’d totally go for that pure bar. Gimme that chocolate.

  11. i follow your blog on wordpress!

  12. I already follow you!

  13. I like you on FB!

  14. I think I would go for a cookie!

  15. I follow your blog :)

  16. This box looks awesome. The brownie bar is my favorite!

  17. I follow your blog on WordPress :)

  18. Every single thing in the first picture looks amazing. I would especially like to try those pumpkin seeds! :)

  19. The pumpkin seeds look the best to me!

  20. The bean and rice chips looked crazy good! I’ve had lucy’s and those are so delicious.

  21. I like GF N S on facebook

  22. It all looks fab. Hmm, I’ve never seen flavoured hemp seeds, so those intrigue me. And of course I really want to try the Pure bar, looks like a brownie.

  23. the chocolate brownie pure bar looked amazing!!!!

  24. The chocolate brownie pure bar was definitely the most appealing! I would love to win them all though :)

  25. I haven’t had cookies in a while, so I’d want to try Lucy’s cinnamon thins, they sound delish!

  26. I liked them on FB :)

  27. Ack, I’ve never have unshelled hemp seeds! Seems like it’d be …interesting. hahaha! That is my favorite flavor of the Pure bars, too. I get ‘em at Trader Joe’s sometimes and then have to keep myself from eating them all in the same day because they are soooo good! I love to put dried cranberries on my salads, just in case they are too tart for you to eat on their own. :)

  28. The somersaults look best :D

  29. Oh wow! That box was packed FULL of goodness! I’ve always wanted to try the Somersault snacks! And that cookie looks like absolute perfection! What did you think of the 18 Rabbits bar? I love their granola but I didn’t even know they had bars!

  30. I follow your blog on BlogLovin’!

  31. I like GFNS on Facebook!

  32. 29.00 a month is not bad at all. Those cookies look especially good!

  33. Bethany Houston says:

    Gimme those hemp seeds!

  34. that cookie looks DELISH!! :-D

  35. Following you!

  36. Liked GFNS on FB!

  37. Izzy Mullen says:

    Pumpkin seeds looks great! I’ve been dying to try some new pumpkin recipes – such a healthy source of flavor.
    Thanks as always Sunnie!

  38. I’m all about the chocolate bar ;) This company is such a cool idea!

  39. Ooh that cookie looks absolutely delicious! I love the concept of a snack box :)

  40. The Salty Pepper Somersaults look awesome! I also love savory snacks and the ones they had sound really good.

  41. I like Green Fork N Spoon on facebook!

  42. Hanna H. says:

    The somersaults! I am obsessed! :)

  43. Hanna H. says:

    I liked Green Fork-N-Spoon on Facebook and I like you on Facebook (and your blog in general of course)

  44. chocolate brownie!

  45. Sara Floyd says:

    The hemp seeds look great!

  46. Sara Floyd says:

    I like green fork and spoon on facebook

  47. The pure bar and cookies both look delicioso :-)

  48. I “like”d GF-N-S on Facebook!

  49. The chocolate brownie pure bar looks good!

  50. shukra likes Green Fork n Spoon on FB!


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